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Why Choose Natural Farming Methods?

At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we are dedicated proponents of natural farming methods, and our commitment to these practices is rooted in the fundamental principles of nature. Here's why choosing natural farming methods is not just beneficial but essential:

  1. Embracing Environmental Sustainability: We champion practices that align with the environment's natural rhythms. Natural farming minimizes human intervention and reduces the reliance on heavy machinery, allowing ecosystems to thrive.
  2. Nurturing Biodiversity: Natural farming fosters biodiversity, benefiting not only crops but also the entire ecosystem. It supports various plant and animal species, creating a healthier and more resilient environment.
  3. Enhancing Crop Yields: Contrary to the misconception that natural farming yields are lower, these methods can often result in comparable or even higher crop yields. Sustainable practices help improve soil health, leading to better productivity.
  4. Elevating Nutritional Value: Natural farming methods focus on enriching the soil with organic matter, resulting in nutrient-dense crops. This not only benefits consumers but also enhances the overall nutritional value of food.
  5. Empowering Small-Scale Farmers: Natural farming empowers small and marginal farmers by reducing input costs associated with chemical farming. It allows them to participate more actively in the agricultural sector.

"Sustainable Agriculture for Prosperous Farmers"

At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, our mission revolves around strengthening the economic prosperity of our farmers. We firmly believe that a thriving farming community is the bedrock of a robust national economy. Here's what drives our mission:

  1. Providing Expertise and Information: We equip our farmers with knowledge and valuable information to help them maximize their agricultural production and labor efficiency. This knowledge is harnessed most effectively through the adoption of natural farming techniques.
  2. Meeting Growing Demand Sustainably: With a global population on the rise, the demand for food and agricultural products is increasing. Natural farming is the most sustainable and efficient way to meet these demands while safeguarding the environment.
  3. Creating Employment Opportunities: Natural farming practices have the potential to generate significant employment opportunities, contributing to economic growth and a hunger-free world.

"Addressing Farming Challenges: Our Approach to Natural Farming"

Indian farmers face multifaceted challenges, from climate change and monsoon failures to soil degradation and high debt burdens. We recognize the difficulties and believe that many of these challenges can be effectively addressed through natural farming methods:

  1. Reducing Input Costs: Natural farming reduces the reliance on costly agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, alleviating financial burdens on farmers.
  2. Fostering Soil Health: By promoting natural fertilizers and soil health management, we aim to restore and enhance soil quality, crucial for sustainable agriculture.
  3. Encouraging Sustainable Practices: We advocate for integrated farming practices and intercropping to diversify income sources and ensure sustainable, high-quality food production.
  4. Meeting Timber Demand: We aspire to contribute to India's self-reliance in timber production by promoting the cultivation of Melia Dubia, a versatile softwood tree.
  5. Contributing to Ecological Balance: Our commitment extends to maintaining ecological balance and environmental well-being, aligning with nature's wisdom.

At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we are unwavering in our dedication to building a sustainable future for farmers, our nation, and our planet. Join us in this journey towards a healthier, more prosperous world.


Introduction: The State of Indian Agriculture
Indian agriculture, often regarded as the backbone of the nation's economy, employs roughly 70% of the population. These diligent farmers work tirelessly to boost crop yields and secure the country's food supply. Despite their commendable productivity, their incomes remain stagnant, perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Tragically, farmer suicides have become an alarming concern, driven by factors such as loan defaults, crop failures due to insufficient irrigation, poor returns on investments, inadequate seeds, and more. This dire situation has devastated farming communities. In response, SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD. is committed to eradicating these deeply rooted issues from the lives of our farmers.

Our Foundation: Trust, Diligence, and Compassion
SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD. is built on the principles of trust, hard work, and compassion among our team members. Our unwavering commitment is to make a meaningful impact in the lives of farmers while eliminating unemployment in India.

1.Empowering Farmers through Sustainable Practices:-

  • Dedication to Agriculture: Our primary goal is to improve the livelihood of farmers. We actively engage in practices like Agroforestry, Integrated Farming, Natural Farming, and Intercropping to elevate soil productivity and produce nutritious food crops using only natural fertilizers.
  • Livestock Management Focus: Alongside crop cultivation, we emphasize allied sectors such as livestock management, encompassing cow management, goat management, sheep management, piggery, fishery, rabbit farming, honeybee farming, and more. These endeavors promise increased profits for farmers and provide essential raw materials for organic fertilizer production, benefiting soil health.

2.Fostering Timber Self-Reliance in India:

  • Promoting Melia Dubia Plantation: Our aim is to make India self-reliant in timber raw materials. To achieve this, we educate people about cultivating Melia Dubia, actively encouraging its plantation. Melia Dubia, a rapidly growing softwood tree indigenous to Australia, India, and Southeast Asia, is ideally suited for the plywood, paper pulp, matchstick, and packaging industries. By reducing timber imports, we intend to boost India's timber production and self-sufficiency.

3.Empowering Youth and Reviving Farming:

  • Creating Self-Employment Opportunities: We are passionate about creating self-employment opportunities for India's youth through 'Integrated Agroforestry.' Our objective is to combat unemployment by inviting young individuals to join our cause.
  • Comprehensive Guidance and Training: We offer extensive guidance and training programs, covering agroforestry, nursery management, and plantation techniques. Our aim is to reignite the youth's connection with farming, promoting employment and contributing to a greener and more prosperous future.

Why Cultivate Melia Dubia?

  1. Fast-Growing and Soil-Enhancing: Melia Dubia is a rapidly growing tropical deciduous tree with profound benefits. Its cultivation enhances soil health, contributing to farm-health management, which, in turn, ensures the production of quality food crops.
  2. Supports Intercropping: Melia Dubia actively supports intercropping, allowing for the cultivation of plants like brinjal, papaya, turmeric, and various fruits, vegetables, and herbs alongside it.
  3. Promotes Ecological Balance: Cultivating Melia Dubia promotes ecological balance in numerous ways.

Melia Dubia can be cultivated in around 80% of India's land due to its hot tropical climate, making it suitable for plantation across most regions.

Our Contributions: Enhancing Soil Health, Promoting Sustainability, Uplifting Farmers

  1. Soil Health Enhancement: We advocate the use of natural fertilizers to improve soil quality for food crop production while eliminating chemical fertilizers.
  2. Promotion of Integrated Farming: Our efforts encompass the promotion of integrated farming practices for future food quality and production.
  3. Economic Upliftment: We aim to enhance farmers' economic prospects through the cultivation of short-term, intermediate, and long-term agroforestry crops.

"Empowering the Youth & Transforming Agriculture: Our Pledge"

In conclusion, Agroforestry & Integrated Farming represent the path to meet India's timber needs while ensuring the production of more nutritious food crops compared to those grown with chemical fertilizers. We, as a team, envision a brighter future, and our motto is to "Go Local" and "Go Desi" in all aspects related to agriculture, with a heartfelt commitment to elevating the lives of our farmers and the prosperity of our nation.


Nurturing Sustainable Agriculture for a Prosperous Tomorrow

Main Objective: Elevating Farmers' Livelihoods

At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, our central mission is to uplift the living standards of our dedicated farmers. We, as a unified team, are deeply involved in the practice of Agroforestry, Integrated Farming, and Natural Farming. These methodologies are strategically designed to bolster soil productivity and amplify crop yields. Our unwavering focus remains on cultivating nutrient-rich food crops through the exclusive use of natural fertilizers, and we place significant emphasis on the concept of intercropping. Furthermore, we're on an ambitious journey to enhance timber production in India by advocating for the cultivation of Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem). Beyond just raising awareness about its benefits, we are committed to enlightening people about the ecological equilibrium it brings in its wake.

Exploring Our Objectives in Depth: Agroforestry: A Sustainable Management System

  • Enhanced Soil Productivity: Agroforestry isn't merely a farming practice; it's a sustainable management system that thrives on the cultivation of woody perennials alongside food crops. This approach significantly enhances soil productivity, mitigates soil erosion, and conserves vital nutrients within the soil.
  • A Clean Water Advocate: Agroforestry champions cleaner water quality within the local ecosystem by preventing the leaching of essential nutrients from the soil. It also empowers soil to withstand drought conditions and actively promotes bioremediation while ensuring crop stability.

Integrated Farming: Harmony on a Single Plot

  • Holistic Farming: Integrated Farming epitomizes a holistic approach where crops, trees, and livestock coexist harmoniously on the same piece of land. This symbiotic system ensures that the waste from one component benefits another, fostering a harmonious coexistence.

Intercropping: Maximizing Resource Utilization

  • Resource Optimization: Intercropping is a practice that maximizes resource utilization by growing multiple crop types in close proximity on the same land. Each crop occupies its dedicated space, reducing competition for critical resources like sunlight, nutrients, water, and space. It's an ingenious way to optimize resource utilization.

Our Commitment to Farmers and Youth: Empowering Farmers:

  1. Adoption of Sustainable Practices: At SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD, we are firmly committed to helping local farmers embrace Integrated Farming, Agroforestry, and Natural Farming practices for timber and food crop production. Our priority is natural fertilizers over chemical counterparts to improve soil quality and sustainability.
  2. Advocating Sustainable Agriculture: We actively advocate sustainable agricultural practices such as crop rotation, agroforestry, and the seamless integration of livestock with crops. These practices enhance soil fertility, diversify agricultural outputs, and boost overall productivity.
  3. Championing Intercropping: We fervently champion intercropping for its capacity to bring stability, diversity, and reduction in weed, insect, and disease pressures to farmlands. It also enhances soil fertility and increases yields per unit area, contributing to more sustainable farming practices.

Boosting Melia Dubia Production: A Major Objective

  • A Timber Revolution: One of our paramount objectives is to invigorate Melia Dubia production in India. This particular softwood variety is exceptionally well-suited for plywood, face veneer, paper, and matchstick production. Investing in Melia Dubia plantations promises enduring benefits for Indian farmers, bolstering timber production and ensuring long-term prosperity.

Empowering the Youth:

  • Creating Self-Employment Opportunities: We firmly believe in creating self-employment opportunities for the youth through 'Integrated Agroforestry' to mitigate the pressing issue of unemployment in India. We wholeheartedly extend an invitation to young individuals to join us on this transformative journey.
  • Providing Comprehensive Guidance and Training: As part of our commitment, we offer in-depth guidance and training programs encompassing agroforestry, nursery management, and plantation. Our aspiration is to reignite the passion for farming among the youth, fostering employment opportunities and contributing to a greener and more prosperous future.
In essence, Agroforestry and Integrated Farming represent the most promising avenues to meet India's timber requirements while simultaneously ensuring the production of more nutritious food crops compared to those cultivated with chemical fertilizers. Our team envisions a brighter future, and our motto is to "Go Local" and "Go Desi" in all aspects related to agriculture.


Cultivating Sustainable Agriculture with Proficiency.

"SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD: Nurturing Agriculture & Farmers - A Comprehensive Profile"

  1. Expertise in Integrated Farming & Agroforestry: SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD stands as a beacon of expertise in 'INTEGRATED FARMING SYSTEMS' & 'AGROFORESTRY.' Our company comprises seasoned agroforestry consultants, duly registered under the Company's Act of 2013 (18 of 2013).
  2. Years of Experience: With a collective experience spanning an impressive 7 years in the intricate field of integrated farming systems & agroforestry, our dedication knows no bounds.
  3. Support for I.T. Professionals: We are fervently committed to extending our support to I.T. professionals who harbor ambitions of investing in the realm of 'Agroforestry Plantation.'

Mission: Elevating Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

  1. Cultivating High-Yield, Low-Investment Plantations: Our overarching mission revolves around the cultivation of plantations that necessitate modest investments while promising substantial returns.
  2. Emphasis on Sustainable Practices: To fulfill this mission, we enthusiastically recommend the adoption of Integrated farming practices & the embrace of Agroforestry. Furthermore, we advocate for the holistic approach of livestock management, which encompasses cow management, goat management, sheep management, piggery, fishery, honey bee farming, rabbit farming, & an array of other ventures.
  3. Boosting Fertilizer Production & Income: These endeavors not only augment fertilizer production but also yield valuable products such as milk, meat, eggs, honey, & more.

Turn-Key Projects: Simplifying Your Path to Agricultural Success:

  1. Tax-Free Incomes & Substantial Returns: Within our diverse portfolio, you will find meticulously crafted turn-key projects designed for Agroforestry Plantations. These ventures offer the invaluable benefit of tax-free incomes along with substantial returns.
  2. Comprehensive Support & Reporting: Our commitment to empowering our clients is evident in our comprehensive reports, which cover an extensive spectrum of aspects. These encompass the assessment of financial viability, the intricacies of cultivation techniques, plantation management strategies, ongoing maintenance protocols, growth monitoring mechanisms, harvesting methodologies, & astute marketing approaches.
  3. Precision Soil Testing: The pivotal role of soil in this entire process cannot be overstated, & thus, we commence with a meticulous soil testing regimen. Parameters such as TDS, pH levels, texture, chemical composition, & biological composition are scrutinized with the utmost precision. Only once we have assimilated this comprehensive data do we provide a tailor-made guide that is precisely attuned to the unique needs & aspirations of our cherished clients.

Our Commitment: Fostering Sustainable Agriculture & Empowering Farmers:

  • Empowering Agriculture & Youth: In summation, the description of our company resonates with an unwavering commitment to supporting & uplifting the farming community & the dynamic youth of our nation.
  • Dedication & Sincerity: Our primary objective is to offer unwavering assistance, grounded in the utmost dedication & sincerity. Our vision is to empower individuals, enabling them to embark on sustainable agricultural journeys that foster growth, prosperity, & a greener future.
Join Us on the Journey:
  • Invitation: At SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD, we extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this transformative journey toward cultivating sustainable agriculture and creating a brighter tomorrow for all.


Nurturing Sustainable Agriculture and Timber Production
At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, our team is fueled by a deep passion for sustainable agricultural practices, including Agroforestry, Integrated farming, Natural farming, and Intercropping. We are ardent advocates for the cultivation of Melia Dubia, driven by the dual goals of increasing timber production in India and combating youth unemployment. Our unwavering dedication has enabled us to connect with individuals across the nation who share our vision.

Our Commitment to Responsible Administration:

As pioneers in the field of 'Agroforestry,' we take full responsibility for farm management, ensuring that investors are not burdened with operational tasks. Our administrative practices encompass:

  1. Farm and Infrastructure Care: We oversee all aspects of farm management, including the maintenance of infrastructure.
  2. Soil Productivity: We prioritise soil productivity and fertility by enriching the soil with natural fertilisers.
  3. Agroforestry and Integrated Farming: We employ Integrated farming techniques and practice intercropping to maximise soil yields.
  4. Livestock Management: Our comprehensive approach extends to livestock management, covering cow, goat, sheep, piggery, fishery, rabbit farming, poultry farming, honey bee farming, and more. This diversification not only boosts income but also supports allied sectors.
  5. Collaborative Endeavours: Our organisation actively engages in joint studies with forestry institutions and universities across India. This collaboration ensures that our practices align with the latest research and best practices in the field.
  6. Investor Assurance: We prioritise transparency and investor confidence. To this end, we arrange meetings between investors and our company administrators directly on the farmland. This hands-on approach allows investors to gain a deeper understanding of our company and the services we provide.
  7. Adherence to Regulations: Our commitment to ethical practices extends to compliance with all State Government regulations and policies governing the forest sector. We operate within the bounds of the law, ensuring full alignment with the legal framework.
  8. Respect and Integrity: We hold deep respect for the dedicated efforts of every member of our organisation. We also uphold the principles and regulations of our country. The points mentioned above reflect our unwavering commitment to the betterment of our nation and its people.

At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we are united in our pursuit of sustainable agriculture, timber production, and a brighter future for India.


Empowering Farmers: Our Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture
At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, our dedicated technical team is on a mission to uplift the lives of our invaluable food providers – the farmers. Before delving into technical knowledge, let's outline the core principles driving our work.

Intentions: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture

  1. Bio-dynamic Farming: We are committed to promoting bio-dynamic farming practices. Our focus lies in harnessing the power of natural fertilizers to cultivate nutrient-rich food crops. This approach not only conserves water, minimizes labor, and reduces resource consumption but also ensures long-term sustainability.
  2. Agroforestry and Integrated Farming: We are deeply involved in Agroforestry and advocate the integrated farming system. These techniques not only enhance land quality but also boost crop yields, providing a secure source of income for farmers.
  3. Wasteland Development: We offer comprehensive solutions for wasteland development, handling everything on a turn-key basis. Regular soil sample tests allow us to assess soil resources, nutrient content, bio-organisms, TDS, and pH levels. To rejuvenate soil potency and overall nutritive quality, we employ Jeevamrutham, a natural soil revitalizer.

Technical Expertise: Nurturing Agroforestry & Integrated Farming

  1. Plantation Knowledge: We have hands-on experience in Melia Dubia plantation & more.
  2. Integrated Farming: Our expertise extends to integrated farming, including intercropping of various crops such as vegetables, fruits, grains, millets, and pulses.
  3. Project Planning and Implementation: We excel in project planning and execution, designing farm layouts, and proficient farm management.
  4. Technical Guidance: We provide technical guidance and marketing support to investors, ensuring their agricultural endeavors are successful.
  5. Soil Health Management: Our commitment to soil health includes regular land inspections, soil health management practices, and optimizing irrigation operations.
  6. Comprehensive Services: From project estimations and basic infrastructure setup to farm-house development, in-house fertilization setup, crop management, harvest, technical support, export assistance, physical visits for cultivation, and more, we offer a wide range of services.

Crop Yield and Income: The Heart of Farming Prosperity

Please note that crop yield and income are contingent on soil health and weather conditions, and our consultations are subject to terms and conditions. At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we are dedicated to empowering farmers with knowledge, resources, and sustainable practices to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to a greener, more prosperous future.


SANF GREEN MENS PVT. LTD: A Legally Certified Entity with ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation
At SANF GREEN MENS PVT. LTD, we pride ourselves on our legal authenticity and commitment to operating within the bounds of Indian regulatory frameworks. Our certifications, which underscore our legitimacy, include:

Registered Under Company Act, 2013
  • Certificate of Incorporation: This certificate, issued pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014, officially recognizes our company's establishment under the legal framework.
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration
  • SANF GREEN MENS PRIVATE LIMITED GST NO- 37ABBCS7200F1ZM: We are registered under the GST regime, abiding by tax regulations and contributing to the nation's economic system.
Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Certification
  • This certification empowers us to engage in international trade activities, facilitating the import and export of goods, which broadens our reach and enhances our offerings.
Memorandum of Association (MoA) of a Company Limited by Shares
  • Our MoA outlines our company's objectives, guiding principles, and operational framework, ensuring transparency and legal compliance in our operations.
In addition to these legal certifications, we are proud to hold the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, further exemplifying our commitment to excellence:

ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • Scope: "Provision of Agroforestry and Integrated Farming Services, Sustainable Agricultural Practices, and Import-Export Activities."
  • Issuing Authority: International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Our ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our dedication to delivering top-notch services, adhering to stringent quality control measures, and continuously improving our processes. This accreditation reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Rest assured, when you choose SANF GREEN MENS PVT. LTD, you are partnering with a company that not only complies with legal and quality standards but also strives for continuous enhancement to meet and exceed your expectations.


Comprehensive Agroforestry Consultation
Agroforestry, a practice that combines crop cultivation with tree planting, is a vital component of integrated farming. It not only fulfills the needs for food, fodder, fuelwood, and timber production but also contributes to environmental enhancement and aesthetic services. At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we are dedicated to integrated farming practices and natural farming methods in all our projects. Additionally, we offer full consultation services for Melia Dubia Plantation.

Consultation Process
Our full consultation process involves several essential steps to ensure the success of your farmland:

Step 1: Initial Contact
- Clients can contact our SANF team through the provided contact number on our official website, If you agree to our terms and conditions, we can proceed further.

Step 2: Land Inspection
- A technical expert from our head office will conduct a comprehensive land inspection. They will collect soil samples from a depth of 4-5 feet to assess soil composition.

Step 3: Soil Analysis
- The soil samples will be submitted to a nearby Government lab for analysis. This includes assessing physical, chemical, and biological composition, such as soil texture, carbon content, and the presence of microorganisms.

Step 4: Water Quality Assessment
- The quality of water, including pH balance and TDS value, will be examined.

Step 5: Groundwater and Topography
- Groundwater levels will be measured, and the availability of water supply will be evaluated. Topography checks will identify the presence of rivers, hills, and mountains in the vicinity.

Step 6: Crop History and Infrastructure
- We will document the crop history of the last 5 years and record the types of fertilizers used on the land. The existing infrastructure, such as bore-wells, fencing, and livestock shade, will also be assessed.

Step 7: Bore-well Assessment
- The bore-well size will be examined, and if it cannot supply an adequate amount of water, a bore-well recharge process will be recommended (note that this is a costly process).

Step 8: Climatic Analysis
- We will analyze the climatic conditions of the farmland over the last 5 years. Melia Dubia plantation may not be feasible if annual rainfall falls below 500mm or exceeds 1500mm.

Step 9: Soil Report and Project Proposal
- After about 7-10 days, we will receive the soil report from the Government lab. With this data in hand, we will prepare a detailed project report. This report will encompass information on maintenance, infrastructure, expenses, and expected profits from the land.

Step 10: Client Approval and Agreements
- We will share the project report with the client. Upon receiving approval and agreement from the client, we will prepare the necessary agreements, including those related to plantation setup, infrastructure, and land rights.

Step 11: Support and Implementation
- SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD will manage land preparation, plantation setup, drip-irrigation system installation, and organic manure production. We will also provide livestock management services, inspections, maintenance, and support during harvesting and marketing.

Step 12: Intercropping
- Intercropping will be considered based on the client's requirements, with an emphasis on climate and soil suitability. If Melia Dubia Plantation is not viable, we will suggest suitable alternative crops.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support from inception to maturity of the Melia Dubia trees. Upon maturity, we facilitate direct deals between buyers and clients without charging any commission. Our primary goal is to provide unwavering support to our clients and make Melia Dubia Plantation accessible to all, especially those interested in launching start-ups in this field. With land and dedication, setting up a Melia Dubia Plantation is an affordable endeavor.


Unlocking Opportunities for Agroforestry and Melia Dubia Plantation
At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we offer two compelling plans designed to encourage collaboration and promote sustainable Agroforestry and Integrated farming practices. Our aim is not only to expand Melia Dubia plantation in India but also to educate farmers and the general public about the remarkable benefits of this magnificent tree. By doing so, we contribute to the increase in the global tree population, thereby mitigating the effects of Global Warming.

"Building a Sustainable Tomorrow: Our Strategic Plans"

At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we are deeply committed to promoting sustainable farming practices that benefit both individuals and the environment. We offer two comprehensive plans, each tailored to specific needs and resources, to enable everyone to participate in the sustainable farming revolution:

Plan 1: Agroforestry Partnership

  1. For Landowners and Enthusiasts: This plan is ideal for those who already own land and have a passion for Agroforestry. Setting up a Melia Dubia plantation under this plan is an accessible and financially sound choice. The process requires minimal investment in infrastructure and basic setup, making it an attractive proposition for landowners.
  2. Acreage and Returns: Even with just one acre of land, you have the potential to earn remarkable returns, with the possibility of generating up to Rs. 15 lakhs. This highlights the profitability and sustainability of Melia Dubia plantation.

Plan 2: Lease & Prosper

  1. No Land? No Problem: This plan addresses the needs of individuals who do not own land but possess the vision and determination to succeed in Melia Dubia plantation. It ensures that land ownership is not a barrier to entering this rewarding field.
  2. Government Land Lease: You can easily lease government land for a period of 10-12 years, providing a solid foundation for your journey into Melia Dubia plantation. This approach allows you to harness available resources to generate substantial profits.
  3. Exploring Additional Opportunities: If you have the capital, you can further enhance your income potential by exploring opportunities such as intercropping and livestock management. These strategies not only boost your economic growth but also contribute to a more diversified and resilient farming operation.

Unlocking Agroforestry & Integrated Farming Potential

Agroforestry and Integrated Farming are transformative practices that revolutionize land productivity. These approaches combine the cultivation of valuable trees like Melia Dubia with traditional farming practices, providing numerous benefits:
  1. Enhanced Productivity: Agroforestry and Integrated Farming enhance soil quality and productivity. They offer a sustainable way to maximize the output of your land.
  2. Environmental Benefits: By preventing soil erosion, promoting cleaner water, and improving drought resistance, these practices contribute to the overall health of the land.
  3. Crop Stability: These approaches enhance crop stability and reduce the risk of failure, ensuring consistent yields year after year.
Our Broader Vision
At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, our vision extends beyond individual farming ventures. We are determined to elevate timber production in India, positioning the nation as a leading producer of high-quality timber wood. By educating and empowering our clients about the many advantages of Melia Dubia plantation, we strive to create a sustainable, profitable, and environmentally responsible farming community.

Join Us on the Journey
When you join SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, you become an integral part of the sustainable farming revolution. Together, we can cultivate a greener, more prosperous India while fostering economic growth and environmental well-being. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable future.

Training Initiatives

Training Opportunities & Empowerment at SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD
At SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we offer training programs and self-employment schemes that have captured the interest of today's young generation. Our focus extends beyond traditional farming methods to encompass practices such as Agroforestry, Integrated farming, Natural farming, intercropping, and livestock management. Moreover, we provide comprehensive training for individuals eager to delve into the world of Agroforestry.

Training program aims to achieve several key objectives:
1.Preserving Agricultural Traditions: We educate the youth about the time-honored tradition of farming, emphasizing its significance in our society.

2.Understanding the Farmer's Role: We strive to foster an understanding of the vital role farmers play in sustaining our communities and the environment.

3.Sustainable Farming Techniques: Participants learn how to cultivate nutritious food crops using natural fertilizers, ensuring long-term benefits for both farmers and consumers.

4.Comprehensive Training: Our curriculum covers primary and secondary fertilizer production, bio-culture setup, bio-waste management, maintenance practices, and extensive training.

We are pleased to announce that our expertise in agroforestry has attracted individuals from the IT sector, who are eager to collaborate with us. We extend a warm welcome to all interested parties and encourage them to join our team.

Explore Our Training Programs
- Agroforestry Farming System: Gain a deep understanding of the Agroforestry farming system and earn a certification from our esteemed organization.

- Agroforestry Nursery Production & Management: Join our initiative to protect the environment. Learn the skills needed to start your own business and become self-employed in your area.

Invest in Your Future
Our commitment to excellence means that we hire seasoned professionals to conduct our training programs. To cover the cost of these valuable resources, we charge a base fee of Rs. 24,000 for trainees. Join our programs and earn certification from our organization.

These programs cater to the aspirations of young individuals and entrepreneurs interested in establishing their own businesses in this field. We are dedicated to equipping our farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to protect their interests. Furthermore, our initiatives contribute to the broader goal of reducing unemployment in India.

Notice: In light of the ongoing pandemic, we regret to inform you that we are currently not conducting any training programs. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our participants and will resume these programs once the situation is under control. Your health is our utmost concern.
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