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Who We Are

Why Natural Methods of Farming

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is all about using natural techniques in farming and agriculture where the laws of nature are applied to agricultural practices. It is an environmentally sustainable way of growing food that limits human intervention, avoidance of equipment used in farming, leaving nature to take its course.

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is best known for natural methods of farming in India since our inception. Natural methods should be considered for the welfare of the environment as well as the health of individuals. Natural farming practices increase the overall production and enhance the product or food value, leading to higher yield and higher profit. This is the need of the hour to uplift our farmers (most small and marginal farmers in India live in deplorable conditions) and make them an active part of the mainstream.

Our Mission

We have to make our farmers economically strong, only then will the whole economy of our country be stronger. Our main goal at SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is to make our farmers economically stronger by providing our expertise and sufficient information so that the farmers can gain the desired production and output of their labor, which, we believe can only be achieved by adopting natural farming methods. With the global population mounting, we need more food and other products to meet this huge demand, and implementing natural farming techniques on our farms is the most effective way to cater to these demands. Natural farming can also be a great source of employment and income, which eventually will create a strong economy and lead to a hunger-free world.

There’s no denying that farming is the most important sector of the Indian economy (farm produce forms the backbone of any economy), which accounts for 18 percent of India's gross domestic product (GDP), and generates and provides employment to 50% of the country’s workforce. Over 70 percent of rural households depend on farming. Furthermore, all of us depend upon agriculture to meet our requirement of food. It is farmers that provide food grains to the nation, so they can rightly be called the nation builder. When our farmers are secure (including food security), we are secure and our country is secure. But the situation of our Indian farmers expresses a different story altogether.

Now and then we come across stories of farmers’ suicides, reasons for that include debt burden, failure of crops (adverse climatic conditions, pests, and diseases), failure of bore well, etc.

Factors responsible for this grim situation:

Various reasons have been offered to explain farmers’ suffering in India, such as climate change, monsoon failure, soil degradation (change in the natural composition and structure of soil caused by rainfall, surface runoff, floods, wind erosion, tillage, and mass movements that result in the loss of fertile top spoil thereby declining soil quality), high debt burdens, government policies, personal issues, mental health, and family problems.

  1. A major cause of farmers’ suicides in India has been the increasing burden on the farmers due to the surge in prices of agricultural inputs, which has led to an overall increase in the cost of cultivation. Farming has become expensive for the already indebted farmers because of the inflated prices of fertilizers, crop protection chemicals, and even the seeds for cultivation, then there is agricultural equipment and machinery like tractors, submersible pumps, etc. that add to the already surging costs. Similarly, hiring laborers and animals is getting costlier too.
  2. The stress due to loans, lack of direct integration with the market, lack of awareness (they are unable to utilize the positives of government policies), water crisis, interstate water disputes- all these just add to the woes of farmers. All these factors result in crop failure, unsustainable production, and subsequent farmer debts.
We believe that most of the challenges that farmers face today can be effectively dealt with natural farming methods. India has suffered a lot during the Green Revolution that involved the adoption of modern methods like tractors, fertilizers, pesticides, and high yielding seeds. Excessive and inappropriate use of fertilizers and pesticides is what has led to the rapid depletion of nutrients in the soil and loss of biodiversity due to increased reliance on mono-crops. Farmers who have followed chemical farming are the worst-hit. They have lost both the soil quality and are in debt of huge loans. A lot of farmer suicides can be attributed to chemical farming in India. Even people who consume chemically treated food are also affected by a lot of diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.

  1. SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD’s main goal is production increase, and through that ensuring an increase in income, and we are relentlessly working towards doubling the income of farmers by 2022. This will require several things: soil health management (natural farming practices involves using natural fertilizers that ensure soil health), integrated farming practices (mixed crop-livestock system in particular) in farmlands for quality food products that will ensure food security of current and future generations, and intercropping (increase farmers’ income with short-term crops, mid-term crops, and long-term agroforestry plantations, such as MELIA DUBIA plantation).
  2. One of the ways we can develop farmers’ and the country’s economy is by catering to the rising timber demand in India. We aim to motivate, create opportunities in the form of providing guidance in Melia Dubia wood plantation for local timber production and supply, no longer will we have to import timber from neighboring countries.
  3. Lastly, we want to work towards maintaining ecological balance and peace for the Mother Earth that we inhabit.


Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. This fact cannot be hidden that around 70% of the people in India are Farmers, who are dedicatedly working to bring up the yield of their lands to be able to supply the required amount of food crops to the country. But it is an irony that despite high productivity and production of their land, there is never an increase in their income. This situation is distressing and heartbreaking because with such a low income they are not even able to sustain their living. Farmer suicides in India have been encountered for many years now. Many factors have played its part in aggravating problems for the poor farmers. The factors are the inability to pay back the loans to the landlords or the banks, crop failure due to lack of irrigation of the farm, more investment in the farm but no returns, unsuitability of the seeds, and many more. These factors have ransacked the lives of the farmers and have cost them their life. Keeping these sad incidents in mind, SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD. has taken an initiative to eradicate these tenacious problems from their lives.

SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD has been established on the foundation of trust, hard work, and compassion among co-workers. The enlightened thought of making a difference in the lives of the farmers and the idea of eradicating unemployment from India has made us stand out in bright light.

Our 'Visions and Goals’ are
  1. To work for the betterment of the condition of the farmers. We actively practice Agroforestry, Integrated Farming, Natural Farming, and Intercropping on the farms on which we work. And our main objective is to produce nutritious food crops using natural fertilizers only.
  2. Along with agriculture, we also emphasize on the allied sectors related to livestock management. Livestock Management like, cow management, goat management, sheep management, piggery, fishery, rabbit farming, honeybee farming, etc. not just promises better profit for the farmer but, the debris produced by the animals acts as raw materials for manure formation, which is good for the soil.
  3. One of our goals is to make India self-reliant and self-dependant for the raw material related to timber. To increase the availability of timber in India, we are educating people about Melia Dubia, and encouraging them to involve in its plantation. Melia Dubia is a softwood tree that belongs to the Meliaceae family. It is an indigenous species to Australia, India, and South East Asia. This tree has a long cylindrical trunk with fewer side branches making it ideal for the plywood industry. India has been importing timber from foreign countries to manufacture goods like furniture, face veneer, plywood, etc.for many years now. But its time that we react to this situation and change to be better.
  4. We dream of a better future, and so we intend to bring back our youth to the very root of our culture i.e farming. As a SANF team, we work to serve the farmers and improve their impoverished state.
Why do we cultivate Melia Dubia?

As you know that Melia Dubia is a tropical deciduous tree that grows at a very fast pace. This tree produces wood that is beneficial in the plywood, paper pulp industry, matchstick industry, packaging industry, etc. Many other qualities of this tree make it very beneficial for the farmers. These are:-
  • Growing Melia Dubia enhances the health of the soil thereby leading to farm-health management. Farm-health management is directly linked to the production of quality food which again has a promising result.
  • Melia Dubia supports intercropping, so plants like brinjal, papaya, turmeric, and other fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be intercropped along with Melia Dubia.
    The cultivation of Melia Dubia promotes ecological balance in every possible way.
Note: Except for some of the states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Sikkim, the majority of the parts of India possess a hot tropical climate, thereby around 80% of land in India is eligible for any kind of cultivation. Therefore Melia Dubia can be easily cultivated in any part of India without any problem.

We work to:
  • Enhance the soil health by encouraging the farmers to use natural fertilizers for the production of food crops while giving up chemical fertilizers.
  • Encourage integrated farming practices in the farmlands, for quality food production in the future.
  • Uplift farmer's economy, by promoting
  • Short term crops- harvested in 3-6 months e.g. Cowpea, oats, yellow mustard, etc.
  • Intermediate crops- harvested in 6-9 months e.g.barley, banana, brinjal, etc.
  • Long term agroforestry plantation- takes 1-2 years for harvesting e.g. coconut, mango, teak, etc.
Encourage the youth of our country to take up farming as their chief occupation. In this, our main motto is to show them the path for employment. This will also leverage the condition of agriculture in the long run.



The main objective of our company SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is to work for the betterment of the condition of our farmers. We as a team are practicing Agroforestry, Integrated Farming, and Natural farming to increase the productivity of the soil and to improve the yield from that land. We greatly focus on the production of nutritious food-crops using natural fertilizers only, so we put a great amount of attention to intercropping as well. Other than growing food crops, we are also working dedicatedly to leverage the production of timber in India by promoting the plantation of Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem). We are not just working to bring awareness about its benefits but are also educating people about the ecological balance that it brings along with itself.


Agroforestry is a management system in which woody perennials are grown along with food crops. This is an intentional method of combining agriculture with forestry for enjoying the incredible benefit it provides. Some of the main advantages of agroforestry are that it increases the productivity of the soil, prevents soil erosion, promotes cleaner water in that particular area by avoiding the drainage of the important nutrients from the soil, provides drought resistance to the soil, promotes bioremediation and above all, it increases crop stability.

Integrated Farming:-

It is a farming system that involves crops, trees, and livestock functioning on the same piece of land. In this system, we can see that the waste of one turns out to be useful for the other and vice versa.


In Intercropping, two or more types of crops are grown next to each other on the same piece of land, but in this system, the growing space for one type of crop should not be intermixed with other types of crops. They should have their own dedicated space. Also, in the case of intercropping, long root trees are generally grown alongside the plants with short roots. This prevents the competition between them for sunlight, nutrients, space, water, etc. thereby helping them make the most out of the available resources.

Let’s discuss these ‘Objectives’
  1. The main objective of SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD. is to help the local farmers use the Integrated farming system, Agroforestry and Natural Farming methods for the production of timber as well as nutritious food crops. We also work to empower the soil quality by using only natural fertilizers on our land, instead of chemical fertilizers.
  2. We also encourage the farmers to employ Sustainable Agricultural Practices in their farming. Sustainable Agricultural Practices consist of practices like:
    1. crop-rotation- in this, different types of crops are sown on the same field across the growing seasons to retain soil productivity and fertility.
    2. practicing agroforestry
    3. integrating livestock and crops on the same field, etc.
  3. We also promote intercropping, as it does not just bring stability and diversity to the farmland but also works efficiently in the reduction of weeds, insects, and diseases. It is also useful for the farm because it maintains soil fertility thereby increasing the yield per unit area.
  4. Increasing the production of Melia Dubia in India is one of our major objectives. Melia Dubia being a softwood is ideal for plywood production, face veneer production, paper production, matchstick production, etc. Investing in Melia Dubia plantation can turn out to be an asset for the Indian farmers. It will not just increase the production of timber in India but will also improve the condition of the farmer in the long run.
How do we plan to help the youth:-
  1. We believe that creating self-employment opportunities for the youths in ‘Integrated Agroforestry’ would certainly abate the unemployment problem from India, so we wholeheartedly welcome the youth to join us in our cause.
  2. We will provide proper guidelines to them for working in this field. Training programs related to agroforestry, nursery, and plantation will be conducted by us. We believe that farming and agriculture are in our blood and so, we aspire to bring back the floundering youths to the very root i.e. farming. It will be a great step towards the creation of employment and a better, greener Earth of our dreams.
Thus, it can be concluded that Agroforestry and Integrated Farming are the best methods to cater to the requirements of timber in India. The best thing about it is that it will also ensure the production of food crops that will be more nutritious than the ones produced with the help of chemical fertilizers. We as a team dream of a better future, and so our motto is to “Go Local”, and “Go Desi” with everything related to agriculture.


  2. Our company consists of experienced agroforestry consultants registered under the Company’s Act 2013 (18 of 2013).
  3. We have an expert team that has experience of 7 years in the field of integrated farming systems and agroforestry.
  4. We are eager to support the I.T employees who are planning to invest in 'Agroforestry Plantation'.
  1. We focus on plantations that involve low investment and try to bring high returns from them. For that, we suggest our clients employ Integrated farming practices and Agroforestry. We also encourage them to take up livestock management like cow management, goat management, sheep management, piggery, fishery, honey bee farming, rabbit farming, etc. that could provide an add on benefit to the clients with respect to fertilizers and the products that can be obtained from it like milk, meat, eggs, honey, etc.
  2. We take up turn-key projects for Agroforestry Plantation to bring good returns which are tax-free incomes.
  3. We provide complete reports on financial viability, cultivation, plantation, maintenance, growth monitoring, harvesting, marketing, etc. For providing the report related to soil, we first do the soil test. We take samples of the soil and then test the parameters like TDS, pH, texture, chemical composition, biological composition, of the soil. Only then do we provide a complete guide related to the things mentioned above.
We can sum up by saying that the aforementioned description of our company is an honest description of the work we do or intend to do. Our main objective is to uplift the farmers and the youths of our country. We want to help them out with all our abilities.


We, the members of SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, are chiefly enthusiastic about the practice of Agroforestry, Integrated farming, Natural farming, Intercropping, etc. We are enthusiastically encouraging and supporting people for the cultivation of Melia Dubia. The main reason is to increase timber production in India and also eradicate unemployment for our youths. We are completely devoted to our work, which is helping us to join in with people all over India.
  1. Since the practice of ‘Agroforestry’ is new, our company responsibly takes up all the farm duties on itself so that there is no burden laid on the investors. These farm duties include
    1. taking care of the farm and the infrastructure present in it.
    2. taking care of soil productivity and fertility and maintaining it by providing the soil with natural fertilizers,
    3. doing Agroforestry by employing Integrated farming techniques and also practicing intercropping for increasing the yield of the soil, and
    4. raising and maintaining livestock, for example, cow management, goat management, sheep management, piggery, fishery, rabbit farming, poultry farming, honey bee farming, etc. to increase the income related to allied sectors.
  2. Our organization has joint-studies with forestry institutions and universities all over India.
  3. We make sure to organize a meeting of the investor with the administrator of our company on the farmland itself. This helps the investor to be more affirmed about our company and the services that we provide.
  4. As per forest law, we follow all the State Government regulations and policies very efficiently.
We respect the hard work that each member of our organization does. We also abide by the rules and regulations of our country. These above-mentioned points are true, and our intention is the betterment of our country and the people living in it.


We at SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD aim to provide guidance and support to the farmers. We are a technical team that is head over heels to work for the betterment of the condition of our food providers. But before talking about technical knowledge, we must first list down the main intention behind our work.
  1. We intend to utilize bio-dynamic farming practices, and so we lay more emphasis on the usage of natural fertilizers for the production of nutritious food crops. This surely promises to consume less water, less labor, and fewer resources and have more sustainable methods. We are much involved in the practice of Agroforestry and know the integrated farming system, so we encourage everybody to take up these techniques to improve the quality of their land and increase crop yield. We also ensure that our practice brings secured income.
  2. We bring a complete solution to the wasteland development on a turn-key basis. We take account of the resources present in the soil by organizing regular soil sample tests. Through these tests, we get a clear idea about the nutrients present in the soil, the bio-organisms present in it, and the TDS and pH of the soil. To bring in the overall balance in the nutritive quality of the soil and other factors, we further take the help of Jeevamrutham, which is like an antidote for reviving the potency of the soil.
  1. We have practical experience in Melia Dubia plantation, Teak wood plantation, thornless Bamboo plantation, etc. We also do integrated farming and perform intercropping of vegetables, fruits, grains, millets, and pulses.
  2. We are well trained in planning and implementing the project; we design farm layouts and farm management proficiently; we also provide technical guidance and marketing facilities to the investors.
  3. We do a regular land inspection and dedicatedly follow the soil health management practices. Our other works are project estimations, irrigation operations, basic infrastructure setup, full farm-house development, in-house fertilization setup, crop management, crop harvest, full technical support, export, physical visits for cultivation, and many more.
Crop yield or income from the crops is subjected to soil health and weathering conditions. Organization consultation will be fully implemented. These are subject to terms and conditions.


SANF GREEN MENS PVT. LTD is a private limited company in India registered under Company Act 2013, and all our certifications are authentic which are as follows:
  2. Certificate of Incorporation [Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014]


Full Consultation for Agroforestry
Agroforestry is a practice of growing crops along with trees. It is an important integrated farming practice that leverages the fulfillment of food, fodder, fuelwood, and timber production along with the amelioration of environment and aesthetic services. In agroforestry, crops are generally allowed to be grown along with woody perennials like trees, shrubs, bamboos, etc. This is a wonderful form of agriculture that assures profit to the ones who practice it. SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD is an organization that follows the integrated farming practices and natural farming methods in all the projects that it dedicates itself. We also provide a full consultation for Melia Dubia Plantation.

The full Consultation process consists of various measures and steps that one needs to follow. To get full consultation for the farmland, clients can easily contact our head office or can call on the number given on our official website- After having a conversation with our team, the client will get a clear idea about the work that will be done by us.


  1. The client can contact our SANF team by calling on the number given on If the client agrees on our terms and conditions, the process can be taken further.
  2. Next, a land inspection will be conducted, where a technical person from our head office will be sent to the designated land. He will take the soil sample from 4-5 feet depth of the land.
  3. Then the soil sample will be submitted to the nearby Government lab. Here the physical composition(i.e. soil texture), chemical composition(i.e. Carbon credit), and biological composition (i.e. soil respiration, presence of microorganisms, earthworm presence in the soil, etc.) will be checked.
  4. The water quality i.e. pH balance and TDS value of the water will also be checked.
  5. Groundwater level will be measured and water supply will be examined.
  6. Topography checks will also be ensured where a record of the presence of rivers, hills, and mountains around the land will be registered.
  7. An account of the last 5years of crop history as well as fertilizers used on that land will be recorded.
  8. The present infrastructure of the land will be examined. These include the presence of bore-well, fencing, shade for livestock, etc.
  9. Bore-well size will be examined, if the bore-well is unable to supply an adequate amount of water then the bore-well recharge process will be conducted. This is a costly process.
  10. A final check of the farmland’s climatic condition of the last 5years will be done. If the rainfall in that area is less than 500mm or more than 1500mm, Melia Dubia plantation will not be possible.
  11. In about 7-10 days we will get the soil report from the Government lab. Only after this, we will prepare a detailed project report. This project report will consist of information like maintenance, infrastructure, expenses, and expected profit that can be obtained from the land.
  12. Next, we will send this report to the client. After receiving our approval about the land, if the client agrees to take our help in setting up the plantation, agreements will be prepared which will be signed by the client. Separate agreements will be prepared regarding the plantation setup, infrastructural works, etc. A Right to Land agreement will also be signed by us that will state that our engagement in the project shall not encourage any right over the land.
We only seek financial support from our clients.

  1. We prepare the land on which the plantation is to be set up.
  2. We set up the entire plantation.
  3. We are also responsible for setting up a drip-irrigation system and employing its practice.
  4. On the farm itself, we will be setting up a lab where the organic manures will be created. We will also be incorporating the production and the usage of Jeevamrutha in the plantation.
  5. We will do livestock management like cow management, goat management, sheep management, piggery, fishery, rabbit farming, poultry farming, apiculture, etc. this will not just elevate the income of the farmer but will also provide the raw material for manure production.
  6. We will also do regular inspections and maintenance of the farmland.
  7. And finally, we will take care of the harvesting procedure and will help the farmer in marketing the end products.

We will also do intercropping as per the requirement of the client. But we will put more emphasis on the climatic condition and the condition of the farmland for intercropping. If we find that the soil is not suitable for Melia Dubia Plantation then we will suggest you the crops favourable for your farm.

The most important thing about SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is that we support our clients with our services, from the starting to the end till the Melia Dubia trees are fully matured. Once the trees reach their maturation, we bring the buyers to the farm where they do a direct deal with the clients. In this case, we do not expect any kind of commission from our clients. Our only motto is to help our clients to the fullest. We would also like to mention that, people who wish to do start-ups in this field may not worry about huge investments because setting up a Melia Dubia Plantation is not a very expensive deal, all you need is land and devotion to set up a plantation.


We have two types of plans that can make people join hands with us. Through these plans, we intend to encourage farmers to encompass Agroforestry and Integrated farming practices on the farms and also to join in our motive of increasing Melia Dubia plantation in India. Not just that, we also intend to educate farmers and the common man about the benefits this magnanimous tree holds in its possession. By doing this, the number of trees on the face of this Earth will increase and help to prevent Global Warming to a greater extent.

  1. In this plan, one needs to have the land and the interest to do Agroforestry plantation on it. For setting up the Melia Dubia plantation, one need not do a whole lot of investment on the infrastructure or on the basic setup. The basic investment shall be enough for setting up a plantation. Such plantation can bring a return of Rs.15 lakhs from just 1-acre land.
  2. If you do not have land for setting up a Melia Dubia plantation but have money, planning, and interest, then nothing can stop you from doing it. For that, you can easily take government land on lease for 10-12 years and then start working on your Melia Dubia plantation. This way you can easily make use of the resources available to you and make a whole lot of profit from it. If you have money to invest then you can also do intercropping and livestock management that will be beneficial for your economic growth.
Agroforestry and Integrated farming are the two most important aspects that improve the productivity of the land. Using these methods, anyone can set up a Melia Dubia plantation and earn huge profits. Through our business plans, we intend to enlighten our clients about the benefits of setting up a Melia Dubia plantation. We also intend to increase the timber production of India and make India one of the largest producers of high-quality timber wood.


Training programs and the self-employment schemes of SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD are the most alluring subjects that are attracting the attention of young people today. Apart from practicing Agroforestry, Integrated farming, Natural farming, intercropping, and livestock management, we also have the provision of providing training to the interested candidates who are seeking to learn new things related to Agroforestry.
Through this training program,
  1. we intend to educate our youths about our age-old tradition of farming,
  2. we also plan to train them such that they understand the importance of a farmer and his work,
  3. we will also teach them the methods to produce nutritious food crops with the help of natural fertilizers, which will be beneficial in the long run, and
  4. production of primary fertilizer, secondary fertilizer, bio culture setup, bio-waste setup, maintenance, and training are also an integral part of this project.
SANF GREENMENS PVT. LTD is happy to announce that our proficiency in agroforestry has attracted many people from the I.T sectors to join hands with us. So we will be keen to welcome them and make them part of our team.
Training Programs
  • Learn about the Agroforestry farming system and get certified at our organization.
  • Learn about Agroforestry Nursery Production and Management, and be a part of our scheme of protecting the environment. Here, you can learn to do your own business and do a start-up in your area and be self-employed.
Training Fees
  • Since we hire professionals to conduct these programs, a base fee of Rs.24000 is charged from the trainees. You can easily join these programs and get certified at our organization.
These programs are the right choice for the youths as well as for those who want to start up their own business in this particular field. We care for our farmers. We want to train and educate them so that they are never been cheated by anyone. Also, this is certainly a step toward eradicating unemployment from India.

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