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Posted On: 16/07/2020

Malabar Neem wood, popularly known as Melia Dubia tree is extremely versatile. This tree possesses termite resistant properties, which indeed makes its demand high in Plywood industries. In places like South East Asia, Australia, and, India where this tree grows indigenously, it is cultivated for multiple purposes, firewood being the chief purpose. Melia Dubia which is a fast-growing tree is also used for afforestation purposes. It is commonly found in the hilly regions and thus helps in preventing soil erosion.

Early harvesting of this tree is generally done according to the requirements of the farmers and the wood industries. Melia Dubia trees can be used for the production of plywood only after its complete growth in 10-12 years. If any farmer plans to harvest this tree early in 3-4 years then the wood of this tree will be soft, hence suitable for paper pulp or match sticks production only. A variety of things can be made out of Melia Dubia wood. We have a complete list of it.


  1. Silk reeling equipment and Silkworm stands are made out of Melia Dubia wood.
  2. Matchsticks, paper pulp, and firewood can be obtained from the wood of a 2-3-year-old Melia Dubia tree.
  3. Things like agricultural tools, pencils, cigar boxes, ceiling planks, building materials, and packaging cases can be prepared from the wood of a 4-6 years old Melia Dubia tree.
  4. Boats, Catamarans, and light-weight furniture are made out of 10-year-old Melia Dubia wood.
  5. Melia Dubia timber is also suitable for making musical instruments.
  6. Face veneer sheets are also made from its wood.
  7. Since the canopy of this tree is very huge and it looks beautiful that way, some people also grow it as an ornamental tree.
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