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What is the current situation in agriculture?

Over 58 percent of rural people depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood.
Agriculture, along with fisheries and forestry, is one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Since 1997, more than two lakh farmers have committed suicide. We as a unit should start taking agricultural production seriously. SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is a firm supporter of natural methods of farming for the welfare of the environment as well as the health of individuals.
If this situation continues we will face a shortage of products and consumables.
Chemical agriculture contributes to 60 percent of Global Warming.


Causes of the current situation in Agriculture ?

The situation we are in today has arisen due to several factors:

  1. Labour shortage,
  2. Increased costs of cultivation in agriculture,
  3. Natural calamities due to wrong agricultural policies,
  4. Green revolution proved to be a wrong step
  5. High doses of fertilizer, use of pesticides, tractors, tillage of the land, more water consumption.

The aforementioned factors collectively have contributed to the current situation.


What are the solutions to these problems in Agriculture?

Here go expected solutions.....

  1. Reducing the cost of cultivation and farming
  2. Following organic farming techniques
  3. Providing rural centers for selling and buying of organic harvest
  4. Following a policy called Village money in the village, City money in Village, America money in the village
  5. Proper loan structures and relaxation for farmers
  6. A fair rate should be set for the produce, and the masses should be encouraged to sell their produce at government centers.
  7. Awareness and exposure to new natural techniques and machinery


Can you imagine a village in India without agriculture?
Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian village and is the major contributor to the Indian GDP. The truth is India is an agriculture-based economy. SANF believes if we don’t pay attention to agriculture and especially our farmers, time will come we won’t have sufficient supply to meet the demands of the hungry mouth. This might result in a new world war. India’s farm sector needs help to get back on its feet.
If you look at the old techniques....
Every man born in India is inclined to agriculture. It is in our genes.
Even the names come from the cultivated land area Agriculture, Horticulture as culture, the professions or jobs or businesses do not. As an agri based nation, we must not forget our roots. When younger masses were asked about a career in farming, none of them wanted to take up farming as a profession.
SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD feels we must teach the next generation to not be ashamed to be a farmer and proper encouragement should be given at tender age to promote our cause. They need to know how the product is non-toxic to food.
What men did 10000 years ago?
Business? Jobs? Worship, spiritual contemplation?
None of the above. They just used to live in forest like all other animals.
Man first or Human first?
The Mother Nature has nurtured both forests as well as human beings. Humans learned how to grow plants and fodder crops with evolution to find food for survival.
The evolution led to a revolution that has been catastrophic rather than good. The overutilization of natural resources has led to the destruction of habitat.
What is the damage caused to Nature by Humans?
Deforestation is practiced in the name of agriculture. Private endeavors have looted valuable trees and poached animals for their by-products and luxury. The calamity is termed as a business by the wrongdoers as they are unaware of the wrath that is in store for the future because of these actions.
All the natural resources (water) were reduced.
The misuse of natural resources has imbalanced the sustainable equilibrium of nature. Many kinds of animals, birds, plants have been wiped off from the face of this earth. The decrease in natural habitat and biodiversity has also put many species on the verge of extinction.
Not only animals, other necessary resources such as water, air as well as land have also been polluted by the misuse. This has given rise to a new calamity that goes by the name of Global Warming, and we are very well aware of its consequences.
What are the solutions to these problems?
SANF believes we can do the damage control by following a few counter measures, which include:
  1. Increasing forest cover by promoting afforestation and protection of the natural environment,
  2. Reducing the exploitation of natural resources,
  3. Following natural methods than chemical substitute,
  4. Limiting the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides,
  5. Protection of terrestrial resources and minimizing human-generated disasters,
  6. Conservation of groundwater level and rainwater harvesting, and
  7. most importantly, producing not toxic food sufficient for all.
How can it be resolved by the practices of agriculture?
35 acres of land can be cultivated by a single healthy human. The lowest consumption of natural resources 10 percent water, low cost 10 percent engage in cultivation will add to economic factors. Natural manure and compost fertilizers will benefit production. Any crop, in any cultivation process, can be cultivated in any month of the year. It takes very little time to perform. We can fertilize 30 to 60 Acres of land with one desi cow.
Organic Farming: what are the advantages?
SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD encourages farmers to adopt natural farming methods due to its various advantages:
  1. Not much effort is required
  2. Tractors, cultivators are not needed
  3. Hybrid seeds are not needed
  4. Usage of chemical fertilizers not needed
  5. Does not require chemical pesticides
  6. Weed does not require any chemical
  7. No need to give flood irrigation
  8. No need for any market techniques for an organic crop cultivated in the correct way
Is it possible to cultivate crops without water?
We observe fog on grass early in the morning, where do we get that water from?? In summer we see 40 to 60 percent humidity in the atmosphere, in winter rain will be 70 to 85 percent humid. Where does it come from?
We need to prevent that water from getting evaporated. 1 KG of Kasta Achhadana absorbs water in 6 liters of air. This process can save up to 90% of water consumption.
Unable to make any kind of cultivation on earth?
The land has all the potential to aid the growth of crops. The nutrient present in the soil is the best nutrition for the crops. The increase in weeds suggests that there are plenty of recourses for the crop to prosper. Weeding also helps to loosen the soil and helps in root development. The usage of microorganisms produced from Jeevamrutham can fertilize the soil. Jeevamrutham works actively in the soil to wake the microorganisms in the soil from sleep. If the nutrient is not available in the soil, these supplements will boost the soil quality and promote the growth of the plants.
Why do not need natural fertiliser in agriculture?
The motherland feeds all. It houses a varied range of nutrients which helps the plants to grow on their own without any foreign intervention.
We farm the land and reap the produce that is necessary for us.
We harvest the seeds, nuts, fruits, and leave behind the other by-products for the land to consume.
After removing what is needed from the harvest, the burning of crop residues should be avoided. Not only does it take away the nutrients from the land, but also pollutes the air.
If we sprinkle 200 liters of Jeevamrutham per acre once every 15 days, the soil will be fertile and retain the nutrient content.
Why there is no use of pesticides and insecticides?
A healthy plant depends a lot on the resistance of insect and pest attacks.
Consequently, pest resistance and their impact on the health of the plant help develop immunity.
Plants share immunity between each other so plants with herbal nature should be grown next to the crops.
Also, harmless insects that prey on pests should be grown. Country seeds help in growing strong and healthy crops.
Why is there no need for removing weeds in Organic Farming?
Protection cover in fields will eradicate the growth of weeds. Crops will occupy the full area and prevent weeds from growing. Using protection cover will lead to the decay of weeds and they also act as fertilizers to the soil. Crops will never compete with each other for food as they will have a symbiotic relationship with each other to share benefits.
How to prevent suicides by farmers?
In India, 49 percent of farmers are in debt, in Telugu states 82 percent of farmers are in debt.
The government waived 60000 to 70000 crores of crop loans but still, it couldn’t stop them from taking such a drastic step. The only solution is to teach farmers how to do organic farming. There is no village in the country without agriculture.
Without proper knowledge in organic farming, there is no way for rural development. Farming without investment should be taught to the village heads. Establishing organic training and information centers would be helpful. In every village, there should be a sample of organic within 2 to 3 acres of land.
The practice of sustainable development must be preached, practiced, and inculcated among the farmers.
Ways to ensure health, money and prosperity in villages?
Having food produced from organic methods is the right of Humans. As humans, we deserve the purest form of food which is free from artificial additives. We should practice natural and organic methods to conserve the environment.
Everyone shares a moral responsibility to do good especially when it comes to survival and evasion of adverse calamities, case in point Global Warming. We should join hands and share our knowledge.
And when we know the solution it is our responsibility to share it with other farmers.
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