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SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD- Use Unused Biowaste Compost In Natural Farming For Agricultural Production

Food security of India is at risk in light of the continued population growth, stagnation in farm-level productivity in intensive farming areas, low income, undernourishment, and gradual deterioration of agri-environments. Though there are surplus food stocks currently, still there is a need to produce more. India has become self-sufficient in food production after independence, which can be attributed to the green revolution technology which enabled a nearly fourfold increase in food production in the last few decades, but at a cost, the environment had to pay a price. The excessive use of synthetic fertilizers and inadequate use of organics has led to a decrease in soil fertility and health. A number of health and environmental problems have come to the forefront that has been caused by the contaminated food chain, contaminated by residues in the soil left by agricultural chemicals including pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics that eventually get into the food chain.

Conservation and efficient use of natural resources such as organics through agricultural wastes are the only way to achieve sustainable high yields in food and nutritional security as well as environmental safety.

Agricultural Bio-Wastes:

The success of organic agriculture heavily relies on the development and integration of farm in a way that organic resource for recycling nutrients is readily available. Organic materials are valuable products of farming and allied industries (horticulture, animal husbandry, fishery, dairy, and miscellaneous activities), derived from plant and animal resources.

Organic Resources

Learn more about India’s vast potential of bio-waste:

Livestock Wastes- SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD has time and again reiterated the importance of adopting natural farming methods and practicing integrated farming systems, integrated crop-livestock systems in particular. Integrated Farming System is a promising approach for increasing overall productivity and profitability through recycling the farm by-products and efficient utilization of resources available. In mixed farming, nothing is wasted, the by-product of one system becomes the input for others. Integrated Farming Systems holds a special position in promoting sustainable development without hampering economic growth.

For example, one ‘desi cow’ can help make manure for 25 acres of land, this is the biggest advantage of rearing a desi cow along with your crop. Then, the hump of the cow absorbs 100 percent sunlight which gets absorbed in milk and cow dung, which, in turn, can give you more nutritious milk and cow dung that can be used as an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers that can enhance productivity in long term by maintaining the soil health, and enhances the microbial population.

Crop residues, tree wastes, and aquatic weeds- Crop waste of cereals, pulses, and oilseeds (wheat, paddy, bajra, jowar, gram, moong). Stalks of corn, cotton, coffee, tobacco, sugarcane, trash leaves of cotton, jute, water hyacinth, and forest litter.

Crop residues left in the field after grain harvest have been called waste. According to research, their nutrient, erosion, and soil carbon characteristics have immense value.

Green Manure- Common crops used for green manure include soybeans, clover, and rye, with each crop providing certain benefits, with the most important benefit of improving the nitrogen levels of the soil once they are tilled in. The difference between green manure and ordinary manure lies in the fact that green manure contains only organic plant materials (soil, wood, fertilizers) in order to provide nourishment to the plant. It is mostly used in plant production. This is a widely utilized practice that not only helps improve the nutrient and organic matter content but also in managing pests and weeds. The most well-known green manure crops that are commonly grown are Crotolaria juncea (Sunhemp) and sesbania aculeata (Dhaicha).

Agro-Industrial Products- Agro-industrial by-products are known to be a vast potential source of animal feed, and the by-products are mostly derived from agricultural processing industries like a brewery, oilseed extraction, vegetable and fruit processing, malt production, etc. Utilizing agro-industrial wastes like oil cakes, tea and tobacco wastes, cotton wool and silk wastes, paddy husk, and bran can help to reduce the production cost, and can also be instrumental to reducing the pollution load from the environment.

Agricultural solid wastes

Farm Yard Manure (FYM) - FYM mainly comprises dung urine, bedding, and straw. It is an important source of plant nutrients, containing approximately 5-6 kg N, 1.5-2 kg phosphorus, and 5-6 kg potash ton^-1, thus helping to build soil health considerably.

Compost- The process of disintegrating the organic matter (like food scraps and garden waste) in the presence of air and water, using microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), and small insects present in nature is known as composting, and the end product is called compost- basically the decayed refuse likes leaves, twigs, roots, stubble, bhusa, crop residue and hedge clippings- which consists of readily usable plant nutrients in abundance forming an indispensable part of healthy soil, as a huge number of soil micro-organisms feed on these bio-wastes and convert it into well-rotted manure.

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD has always advocated for natural farming methods, after finalizing the project with client we start off by working on infrastructure. In infrastructure,

  1. we first prepare a road inside the farmland for ease of moving with vehicles like bikes, tractors, etc. from one end to the other,
  2. then move towards fencing (SANF strongly recommends solar power fencing, there can be 8-12 galvanized wires (depending on the size of your land), which is strong, rust-resistant and multi-purposeful with the longevity of 12-15 years).
  3. borewell (water purpose)
  4. then we set up drip irrigation,
  5. we next set up a godown or warehouse for storage purpose to easily access equipment, important machinery, fertilizers,
  6. lastly, we’ll install a small lab in your farmland, where we will produce natural fertilizers. SANF follows natural farming methods only, we completely rely on the fertilizers that we prepare ourselves. We would also suggest you do intercropping and maintain livestock like cows, goats, sheep, which will not just help you to secure an additional income but will also provide us with the by-products (like gobar, gaumutra, etc.) that will be beneficial in the production of natural fertilizers.

To summarize it all, agricultural solid wastes can be used as an alternative source of fertilizers that not only improves the physical condition of the soil, but also maintains soil health including quality and fertility, and can be instrumental to amending degraded soils. Organics obtained from agricultural wastes stimulate microbial populations that are indispensable for the stability and resilience of the soil ecosystem as a whole. Last, but not the least, achieve sustainable high yields in food, nutritional security, and environmental safety by using agriculture solid wastes.

# Agricultural Bio-Wastes

# Bio-Waste compost to manage soil health

# Integrated crop-livestock system

# Manage soil health with natural organic fertilizers

# Unused biowaste can help you achieve sustainable high yields in food

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