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Agriculture is the most crucial part of the Indian economy. It plays a vital role in deciding the enhancement or deterioration of the life condition of a farmer. With a constant upsurge in the number of suicide cases related to farmers, an ever-looming question regarding the core truth of farming is often seen hitting the ones in power. Farming is an age-old culture of India and therefore we have got the name ‘Agriculture’. But today farming has become the most unreliable occupation for the Indian farmers. About one-third of the Indian farmers do not consider farming as a sustainable occupation that could support them in the long run. And about 40% of the Indian farmers are trying their luck to find a better occupation in the urban areas. The main reason behind their giving up on farming and committing suicide is, crop failure due to various reasons like poor soil quality, no proper irrigation facility, flood, drought, locust attack, etc. and this is the reason behind their indebtedness to the money lenders.

Here at SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, our main intention is to improve and enhance the condition of the farmers. We intend to motivate and guide them with the help of our technical knowledge related to farming and agriculture. We have the proper experience of Agroforestry and integrated farming practices. Through natural farming, we intend to produce chemical-free nutritious food crops that would not just be easily available but also healthy and affordable at the same time. We also have proper knowledge of intercropping (long term cropping, intermediate cropping, and short term cropping) so It would also encourage farmers to do farming in a more dedicated manner and help them use their farmlands more efficiently. Increasing the timber production in India by setting up Melia Dubia Plantations in all the states of our country is one of our primary goals. By doing so, we intend to make India one of the primary exporters of timber all over the world.

Main inspection procedure for the Melia Dubia Plantation setup:-

To get your farmland inspected by our specialized team, you must first reach us via phone call or Whatsapp message. Only after that, we will be able to help you.

  1. One of our technical persons will visit your farmland and do a detailed examination of your farm soil and water. The TDS and the pH of both soil and water will be thoroughly checked. He will collect the soil samples of your farmland.
  2. Next, He will check the cropping history of the soil of about 5 years.
  3. His next targeted area of inspection will be the topography and the climatic conditions of the area where your farm is situated.
  4. He will even do the groundwater level checking to ensure proper irrigation facilities for the farm in the long run.
  5. The available water resources(stream, water coming from hill, etc) will also be checked for their quality(TDS and pH level).

Land inspection is a very crucial step that helps in ticking out all the drawbacks that are prevalent for that particular land. Once the problems associated with the land is discovered, it becomes easier for the farmer to improve the quality with minimal efforts. It also leverages the quality of the soil thereby increasing the productivity of the soil. Here at SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD, we make sure to perform all the procedures with utmost perfection.

Project Report

The soil sample that was collected during the inspection procedure is submitted by us to a government laboratory for the preparation of the project report. The project report once received by us is provided to the clients within 7-10 days. This helps the client in having a clear idea about the cost and task to be executed In Melia Dubia Plantation.

Things to be arranged for soil sample extraction by the client:-

  1. Big measuring tape
  2. Iron scale -30 cm
  3. Rented JCB truck for about 8 hours.
  4. Any tarpaulin sheet or empty gunny bag.
  5. Normal sieve
  6. One spade
  7. One small packet of rubber band
  8. Permanent marker
  9. Plastic covers- 40 (2 kg capacity)

Expenses to be taken care of by the client:-

The client must take care of the traveling expenses(up and down) of the technical person visiting their farm. Food and accommodation are also to be taken care of by the client.

With the increase in rainfall and all the other weather conditions, there is a constant runoff of the topsoil. This has not just resulted in making the cultivable lands infertile but has also played a part in making it arid for life. Due to this reason, time and again we encounter the upsurge of the death rates of the farmers. This is really disturbing for us watching our food providers kneeling in front of the unfathomable fate i.e. death. Due to this reason, we have pledged to ourselves to make the condition of the farmers better. SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is not just a company that is working on a professional front but it is like a family comprising of the members who are taking care of each other as well as all the ones coming under their service area.


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