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Farming Project Report Creation

Agriculture in India relies heavily on weather and climate conditions. Besides that, soil conditions play a significant role in reaping a good agricultural harvest. In view of the rise in farm livelihoods, professional monitoring and data management are the need of the hour for smooth functioning. Everything from market design, product profile, to pricing strategy depends on the quality of the data collected from the field.

Our goal at SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD has always been to provide the farmers with the best solutions to help them grow better crops and reap higher dividends while maintaining the sanctity of their soil. We are a team of experts that offer practical solutions for the most demanding problems so that one can achieve the results they desire.

Farming Project Report Creation” is an extremely important part of farming consulting to make sure your business, as well as ours, moves in the right direction.

Scientific and integrated management of all-natural resources namely water, soil, vegetation, animal, and environment for sustainable production is an integral part of our project report. Aside from that, our reports also highlight physical, financial, technical, and social details for the development and expected benefits by alleviating the negative effects of the problem areas.

Here’s our course of action in the creation of a report for a farming project:

  1. First and foremost, to get your farmland inspected by our team of experts, you can reach us via phone call or Whatsapp message.
  2. After zeroing in on a date, one of our technical people will visit your farmland and carry out a detailed examination of your farm soil and water, where the TDS and the pH of both soil and water are thoroughly examined. Soil sample of your land is collected for that.
  3. After that, the cropping history of the soil of about 5 years is examined.
  4. Then we move towards inspecting the topography and the climatic condition of the area where your farm is based.
  5. Groundwater level checking is also conducted to ensure proper irrigation facilities for the farm in the long haul.
  6. Last, but not the least, available water resources, such as a stream, water coming from the hill, etc. are checked for their quality (TDS and pH level).

The main objective behind a thorough land inspection, which is a significant step towards the creation of an accurate PROJECT REPORT, is to figure out the drawbacks that are prevalent for that particular land so that we can devise a strategy for farmers to overcome these drawbacks with minimal efforts.

Site Inspection- Site inspection includes a detailed analysis of the soil properties, land history about previous cultivations, consultation for soil improvements, guidance on the topography of the land, and water resources, and quality checking.

Soil Health Treatment- In our effort to treat and manage soil health to support crop production, and eventually higher yields, we use Sanjeevani Fertilizer Mixture, Biofertilizers Powder mix, Desi Jaggery, mix cow dung heap, etc. in our bid to boost macro and micronutrients in the soil, and for biological activation and multiplication of microorganisms in the soil.

Water Conditioners- Installation of TDS controller borewell, usage of filter cleaning liquid, and drip irrigation set up (drip laterals cleaning).

Infrastructure Set Up- After carrying out a thorough land inspection and getting a positive nod from the client for crop plantation, we work towards setting up the infrastructure, which includes

  1. cleaning (of farmland to get rid of debris/to level the ground, and also bushes and thorns cleaning),
  2. borewell and installation,
  3. borewell recharge (method of rainwater harvesting through borewell recharge will bring water back to even your dried up borewells),
  4. establishing an electricity connection (depending on the area),
  5. gate (permanent set up),
  6. cow shed and cows purchase (to develop a biological presence in the farm in a bid to encourage farmers to practice integrated farming system for year-round financial security),
  7. fertilizers tank set up (foliar sprays for managing pests),
  8. power weeder machine (petrol machine: to overcome weeds in the farm),
  9. agricultural materials (basic labor equipment)
  10. make arrangement for water tins, tubs, buckets, plastic drums (basic labor sanitation and use),
  11. tarpaulin (for general use),
  12. ropes (stick support for the replanted plants),
  13. measuring jugs (concentration and measurements),
  14. biofertilizer drums & biofertilizers samples collection (for preparing biofertilizers for mass applications and multiplications),
  15. earthen pots (preparation of organic fertilizers),
  16. copper wire (micro-nutrient use purpose),
  17. sprayers (for spraying fertilizers and others),
  18. drip irrigation (prepared natural fertilizers supply through a drip),
  19. drip lateral winder (drip laterals roller),
  20. telescopic pole pruner (to cut the hardened branches),
  21. vermiwash materials (to prepare micronutrients fertilizers),
  22. and, weighing machine (to weigh the materials for the preparation of organic fertilizers).

Intercropping Options- We always encourage farmers to grow more than one crop on their land or grow a short-term crop as an intercrop with a long-term one. For example, if you’re willing for Melia Dubia plantation (a long-term plant), we would suggest you grow drumstick, papaya, pomegranate, red gram, groundnut, maize, soybean, forage crops (fodder crops grown specifically to be grazed by livestock), ginger, turmeric, pepper, cardamom, or even herbs as an intercrop. Almost anything can be grown in the Melia Dubia plantation project.

It is also advised for farmers to practice integrated farming systems, mixed crop-livestock farming systems in particular. Rearing of desi cows, sheep, goat, pig, poultry farming is a great option.

Replantation- We monitor crops after plantation, and replantation is subject to lack of climate adaptation (on the part of the crop), soil-borne diseases, pest attack, waterlogging, and nutrition deficiency.

Maintenance- Yearly maintenance is carried out by our experts at an interval of 3-4 months for growth monitoring of the project.

Project plan of action & report is submitted in 7-10 days (for the client) to analyze the costs and tasks that are to be executed for a particular crop plantation.

After the initial discussion with the client, a day is fixed to visit the site for land assessment. Accordingly, SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD creates a comprehensive project report that comprises our plan of action comprising detailed information (including expenses to be taken care of by the client) on soil and water, infrastructure set up, installation, intercropping options, replantation, maintenance, and returns on investment that is sent to the client within 7-10 days to analyze the costs and tasks to be executed for his farming project, so that client can make an informed decision.

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