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SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD- Role Of Natural Fertilizers In Improving Soil Health

Soil condition is one of the most integral elements of farming success. Earthy, loamy, moist, dark, rich-smelling and fertile are some of the adjectives used to describe ideal farming soil. Whether you should practice natural farming methods or to depend upon chemical products is a crucial decision in soil health management. In natural farming, the overall health of the soil and plants is the main concern, so while synthetic chemical fertilizers may do a job today, natural organic fertilizers ensure the health of the garden/farm tomorrow.

Natural organic fertilizers like livestock manures, bone meal and vermicompost offer the nutrients necessary for plant growth, at the same time, they are less likely to overfeed and chemically burn your plants.

Some advantages of using natural organic fertilizers:

Improved soil fertility- Aside from adding nutrients to soil, natural fertilizers also improve the quality and structure of the soil, which offers additional advantages like improved water retention and drainage in the long run. Natural fertilizers like manures and wood ash also add organic matter and humus to the soil (which is in stark contrast to synthetic fertilizers), which provide a constant and balanced supply of nutrients, and improve root growth. Last, but not the least natural fertilizers sustain beneficial microorganisms that live in the soil, which is often destroyed by chemical products that increases acid levels in the soil.

Plants are safe- Synthetic fertilizers provide high concentrations of nutrients to the soil, which can negatively affect young plants by damaging or burning their roots. However, with natural fertilizers, it is first broken down by soil microbes before their nutrients can be absorbed by plants.

Chemical fertilizers require more processing- You can directly source natural fertilizers like poultry manure straight from farms (if you practise mixed livestock-crop farming, which you should) in comparison to synthetic fertilizers that require more processing.

Advantages for the environment- Synthetic fertilizers are water-soluble which allows any excess unused fertilizer to be washed away by rain or heavy watering that eventually enter groundwater and pollute streams and lakes. On the contrary, naturally derived organic fertilizers improve moisture retention in the soil, decreasing likelihood of leaching. What’s more, ingredients in organic fertilizers are naturally biodegradable. If you’re environmentally conscious, there’s no reason that you should not go with natural, organic products.

In nature, organic fertilizer is created as an organic matter decomposes. When you add organic compost or herbivore manure, you are adding nutrient-rich organic material to the soil, and hence improving quality and texture. Adding organic material to the soil will also reduce erosion from water and wind, reduce compaction and crusting of the soil, and will increase soil pH (heavily compacted soils has a reduced rate of both water infiltration and drainage).

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD strongly recommends that you create your own valuable, no-cost organic fertilizers from leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps that are least likely to injure young plants because of being less concentrated than chemical formulas. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing the food you cultivate is free of chemicals and is highly nutritious, thus ensuring good health of yours and your family.

Talking about commercial chemical fertilizers, not only are they expensive than natural fertilizers, but also contain ingredients that may be toxic to the skin or respiratory system. They also need to be mixed and measured properly. If you use in excess, you can put your plants in harm’s way. Synthetic fertilizers can accumulate in the soil, and can cause long-term imbalances in soil pH and fertility.

Tips for better fertilizer use efficiency:

  1. It’s important that you test your soil to determine its nutrient needs before you fertilize, since adding unneeded nutrients can disrupt pH levels and lead to toxic accumulations of salts and other harmful elements.
  2. Select a fertilizer according to the soil reaction, for example, acidic fertilizer for alkaline soils and basic fertilizers for acidic soil reactions.
  3. Place the fertilizer about 3-4 cms by the side or below the seed (to discourage weed growth) instead of surface application through broadcasting (spreading fertilizers uniformly all over the field).
  4. Talking about home-mixing of fertilizers, make sure you follow the fertilizer-mixing guide and apply the mixture as soon as possible.
  5. Avoid flooding with too deep water and avoid poor drainage for at least a week after application of the fertilizers.
  6. Treat acidic soils with limiting materials from time to time (when necessary).
  7. In case of dry lands, instead of top dressing, you should deeply place fertilizer alongside foliar feeding of nitrogen (i.e., urea) by spraying nitrogenous fertilizer.
  8. Add organic manures or do green manuring at least once in 3-5 years. Weed growth should be deterred in cropped areas, during any part of the year.
  9. You should use slow release nitrogenous fertilizers like sulphur coated urea, urea super granules in case of flooded fields or calcareous (containing calcium carbonate) soils to minimize loss of nitrogen.
  10. For deepwater crops, use mud balls (contain urea) as they help in proper placement and also reduces the loss of nitrogen from the field.
  11. It is very important that you take appropriate plant protection measures and practise proper tillage so that plants remain healthy and are able to absorb the applied nutrients from the field.

The bottom line is healthy soil is the foundation for profitable, productive, and environmentally sound agricultural systems, by supporting plant growth including nutrient cycling, biological control of plant pests, and regulation of water and air supply. These functions are influenced by the interconnected physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, many of which are sensitive to soil management practices. It means the way in which your soil is managed (how you manage the soil) can improve or degrade its quality.

To prevent symptoms of unhealthy soils from developing- symptoms that are usually directly related to depletion of soil organic matter, lack of an active population of soil organisms and compaction caused by use of heavy field equipment- farmers have been encouraged to adopt farming practices that take advantage of the inherent strengths of natural systems.

Most types of agriculture soil health can be improved by

  1. reducing tillage (maintain or increase soil organic matter more easily),
  2. avoiding soil compaction (will help maintain a soil structure that will allow rainfall to infiltrate rapidly),
  3. better crop rotations (improves the physical and chemical conditions of soil and thus improves the overall fertility),
  4. growing cover crops (well-proven to reduce soil erosion, improve soil structure and also have nutrient benefits, and
  5. organic amendments.

Organic matter is primarily obtained from dead plant roots, crop residues, various organic manures like compost and green manure, farmyard manure, fungi, bacteria, worms and insects. Organic matter plays a vital role in improving the physical condition of the soil, the structure in particular.

  1. Decaying organic matter acts as a food material for bacteria, fungi and other organisms.
  2. Presence of organic matter breaks down many insoluble soil minerals, thus making them available to plants.
  3. It decreases loss of soil by water and wind erosion.
  4. Regulates soil temperature.
  5. It increases the water holding capacity of the soil (especially in sandy soils).
  6. It boosts aeration and infiltration in heavy soils.
  7. Serves as a valuable source of certain plant of food element (N, P, S etc).

How We Work

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD after finalizing the project with client, starts off by working on infrastructure. In infrastructure,

  • we first prepare a road inside the farmland for ease of moving with vehicles like bikes, tractors, etc. from one end to the other,
  • then move towards fencing (SANF strongly recommends solar power fencing, there can be 8-12 galvanized wires (depending on the size of your land), which is strong, rust-resistant and multi-purposeful with a longevity of 12-15 years. We have ms hot dipped Galvanized posts minimum 90 microns which can last for 15 years easily. These metals posts are 8.5 ft in length, 6.5 ft above ground level. These main posts will be grouted firmly in the ground at each corner with two supports at an average span of 100 metres. Get in touch for further details.),
  • borewell (water purpose),
  • then we set up drip irrigation,
  • then we set up a godown or warehouse for storage purpose to easily access equipment, important machinery, fertilizers,
  • Lastly, we’ll install a small lab in your farmland, where we will produce natural fertilizers. SANF follows natural farming methods only, we completely rely on the fertilizers that we prepare ourselves.

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