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SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD- Large Godowns or Storage Sheds Are Absolutely Vital For Any Farm

Talking about agriculture, godowns (a warehouse), or storage sheds are an absolute necessity for farms of all sizes- large and small. Those who own or operate farmlands are completely aware of the fact that different large machinery is an indispensable part of the farming process and they should be housed in durable sheds. What’s more, farmers need a place to store their crops, hay, and other perishables. It goes without saying that sheds are an important aspect of life on the farm. While setting up a godown, make sure it has adequate ventilation and the structure should be so oriented that it will receive the minimum solar radiation. Choose a raised and well-drained area to set it up. There should be no trees near the structure, the roots of which might affect the foundation. Also, construct the godown at least 3 m away from any branches of trees, poles, etc. in order to avoid access by rodents. Just having plenty of storage space isn’t enough, there should be ample room to move around in so that nothing feels cramped or uncomfortable.

Why set up storage sheds or godowns:

House for the machines- There are no two ways about the fact that most farms occupy a lot of lands, making it impossible to farm by hand. The usage of machinery is almost necessary to effectively run the farm. The fact that these machines are becoming larger and larger makes it even more important to construct a suitable godown to house them when they are not in use so that they are all in one location and easily accessible, and protected from external elements.

Storing the Perishables- Another useful application for godowns in your farmland is a place to store hay, crops, grains, fertilizers, and other perishable goods, even more, important if you practice mixed livestock-crop farming system (which you definitely should). Also during harvest time, you’ll need an area to store all your produce. SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD designs a storage shed in such a way that you will have more than just a warehouse for your farm essentials, for it can also provide ample protection to everything in it.

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD has always been a staunch supporter of natural farming methods. We can help you set up a robust Melia Dubia farm, in doing that we employ the following steps:

We start off by working on infrastructure first. In infrastructure,

  • we first prepare a road inside the farmland for ease of moving with vehicles like bikes, tractors, etc. from one end to the other (so that the farmland isn’t disturbed in any way),
  • then move towards fencing (SANF strongly recommends solar power fencing, there can be 8-12 galvanized wires (depending on the size of your land), which is strong, rust-resistant and multi-purposeful with the longevity of 12-15 years. We have ms hot dipped Galvanized posts minimum 90 microns which can last for 15 years easily. These metals posts are 8.5 ft in length, 6.5 ft above ground level. These main posts will be grouted firmly in the ground at each corner with two supports at an average span of 100 meters. Get in touch for further details.),
  • bore well (water purpose) (A bore well is a well that is drilled into the earth for retrieving water. Borewell recharge technique is one of the most affordable solutions for water harvesting in comparison to other water harvesting solutions.)
    • 2 inches bore-water with help of flood irrigation can cultivate up to 5 acres of Melia Dubia plantation,
    • 2 inches of bore-water with help of drip irrigation can cultivate 10 acres of Melia Dubia plantation,
    • In Melia Dubia plantation, proper watering is vital when growing plants in the initial stage,
  • then we set up drip irrigation,
  • then we set up a godown or warehouse for storage purposes to easily access equipment, important machinery, fertilizers (SANF makes sure to set up the right kind of unit to house a fleet of agricultural machines and have plenty of room to move them to and from. We use the strongest materials possible in creating the structure to make it strong, resilient, and for it to withstand harsh weather conditions and design in such a way that it increases the efficiency of the farm. Our main aim is to make sure that you get the perfect shed for your farm so that it will perform exactly the way you want it to for many years to come.),
  • Lastly, we’ll install a small lab in your farmland, where we will produce natural fertilizers. SANF follows natural farming methods only, we completely rely on the fertilizers that we prepare ourselves.

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