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SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD- Keys To Perennial Crop Selling

India is going through a deep agrarian crisis. A study found that given an option majority of farmers in the country would prefer to take up some other work, which can be attributed to poor income, bleak future, and stress. According to a survey of 5,000 farm households across 18 states, 76 percent of farmers claimed that they would prefer to do something else other than farming and that it was because of family pressure that they are continuing with farming.

Another major reason behind the (poor) condition of our farmers in India is that many follow modern techniques to increase crop yields. Either it is eco-friendly or not, farmers continue giving importance to improve the crop yield so as to stand up to the increasing population, therefore, losing the uniqueness of olden day's agriculture as these modern techniques reduce the strength of the crops and also reduce land's fertility.

We must understand that anything which is non-eco-friendly may be profitable for the time being but not everlasting, and may result in danger in the future. Hence, it is always better to follow profitable eco-friendly farming techniques or natural farming methods than anything else for a better future. In natural farming, it is nature that plays the dominant role with farmers just being the facilitator (main work is done by nature itself). Hence, there is a place for no-till, farm biodiversity, and protection of soil cover in this process of farming. Natural farming is an agricultural practice that is an environmentally sustainable way of growing food and has no side effects. Products of natural farming are safe and full of vitality that ensures good health for one and all.

It is equally important that farmers leverage the allied sectors of agriculture, and practice intercropping and integrated farming systems, livestock crop farming, in particular, to ensure a continuing supply of wholesome and affordable food, and year-round income. Not to mention, an integrated farming system is a practical way forward for agriculture that will benefit society as a whole, not just those who practice it, and enhances productivity and profitability in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Talking about intercropping, it can be defined as growing two or more crop types on one field, which ensures diversity and stability of fields, reduction in chemical/fertilizer application, weed suppression, and a reduction in susceptibility to insects and disease.

It is wise to choose a short term crop as an intercrop with a long term one. If you are thinking about planting a perennial crop, you can choose from among Bamboo, White Sandalwood and Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem), but SANF’s personal suggestion is Melia Dubia, it is the best perennial crop out of the lot because it the best host, you can grow any crop in Melia Dubia project as an intercrop, it helps other crops by increasing nitrogen content in the soil, secretes carbon, helps other roots in getting water, air, thus leading to rapid plant growth. Investing in a Melia Dubia plantation of your own at your farm will absolutely be bang for your buck!

The main characteristics of Melia Dubia include

  1. It is a softwood,
  2. Melia Dubia Wood is termite-proof,
  3. Melia Dubia wood is water-resistant,
  4. Melia Dubia characteristics are 80 percent equivalent to teak wood in terms of texture,
  5. Melia Dubia grows quickly and can be sold in just 3-5 years (for paper and pulp industry), it can be harvested in 5-7 years if it’s being used for plywood.

Malabar Neem Wood Uses

You can use the trees for timber after 10-12 years. Early harvesting is done based on the requirements of the farmers and wood industries.

  1. Agricultural tools can be made with the help of Melia Dubia wood properties. Four-year-old trees can be used for that.
  2. Melia Dubia wood trees can be used for afforestation purposes.
  3. Boats can be made with the help of Melia Dubia wood properties, ten-year-old trees can be used.
  4. Cigar boxes can be made.
  5. 4 or 6-year-old trees can be used for the manufacturing of ceiling planks.
  6. Melia Dubia wood veneers from this timber are strong and firm.
  7. Melia Dubia wood is suitable in the pulpwood and paper industry.
  8. 4-5-year-old trees can be used in packing cases. There’s a huge market for the product in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  9. Melia Dubia Wood trees are also planted as ornamental.
  10. The wood is suitable for making musical instruments.
  11. Lightweight furniture can be made with 8-10-year-old trees, with high market demand across the country.
  12. Wood can also be used for the preparation of silkworm stands, for the preparation of silk reeling equipment.
  13. Matured leaves are harvested during summer months (March to June) as a feed for cattle.

The benefits of Melia Dubia plantation are second to none. For every detail regarding plantation of this crop, look no further than SANF.

Learn more about Malabar Neem Wood Marketing and Sales:

The high demand for Melia Dubia wood is due to:

  1. The government of India has imposed a permanent ban on drawing of timber from Indian forests.
  2. Almost all naturally grown trees were exhausted for the use of firewood, plywood, timber, etc.
  3. Presently most of the furniture is being imported due to lack of quality timber in the market.
  4. Even most of the timber for construction is being imported.
  5. Melia Dubia is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, it will give ample timber on its harvest.
  6. It is a fact that almost all the plywood industries are importing timber for their raw material timber needs.

This highlights the fact that there’s a huge demand for Melia Dubia wood but a dearth of supply. You can bridge this gap between demand and supply by going ahead with Melia Dubia crop cultivation.

  1. You can procure and sell timber just after 7 years only with a minimum 1-meter girth size.
  2. Produce 750 kg to one ton per tree after 7-8 years in irrigated lands.
  3. A tree produces about 20 CFT of wood.
  4. Most importantly, Melia Dubia is softwood timber with multiple uses and 80 percent teakwood properties with fast-growing qualities.
  5. In 7-8 years per acre, expect to get returns of Rs 15,00,000-20,00,000.

How SANF Works?

  • Normally, it takes around 8-10 years for the harvesting of Melia Dubia trees. For one acre land which is equivalent to 43,560 sqft, you can easily plant 250-300 plants by maintaining 12/12 feet to 15/15 feet gap between each plant. We start our work by conducting a land inspection first, such as water test, soil test, etc. and accordingly will suggest you the proper spacing required for the right commercial production.
  • Now, talking about investment and outcome, in the 10 years of a journey starting from the state of a plant to a matured Melia Dubia tree, the estimated investment per plant is Rs 1500 so your per acre investment approximately will be 3-3.5 Lakhs inclusive of the infrastructure set up (borewell, fencing, drip irrigation system, etc. if you don’t have any). If you have the required infrastructure present on your farm, then you’ll have to invest much less than what has been mentioned above.
  • As per the market rates, it is easy to sell Melia Dubia timber produced from your one-acre land at a minimum cost of Rs 15,00,000-20,00,000. The icing on the cake is the fact that the Melia Dubia market price increases every year by 4 percent.
  • Keep in mind that around 50 percent of projects fail due to immature planning and lack of awareness on the part of farmers. The girth size of a Melia Dubia tree should be 36 inches (3 feet) and it should grow up to 25 feet with the same girth size so that you can obtain 3 logs of 8 feet height and sell to the plywood industries based on cubic feet measurements. The rest of the tree (above 25 feet) can be sold based on tonnes. You can obtain an income of Rs 14000-15000 from each tree.
  • After 10 years, when trees are ready for sale, we’ll bring government recognized plywood factory officials to your farm. No third party or broker is included in the process, even SANF will not expect any commission from you.

It is advisable that you maintain livestock like goats, cows, and sheep to secure an additional income. Besides that, it will also provide us with the by-products like gobar that will be beneficial in the production of natural fertilizers (we follow natural farming methods only, and rely completely on the fertilizers that we prepare ourselves). You should also do intercropping with Melia Dubia trees and SANF can help with that (with separate service charge).

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