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SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD- Wood Transportation In India

Transport has a very important place in agriculture. It is an essential component of post-harvest crop management, and rightly so, since every harvested crop needs to be transported, either directly from the farm to the market, or to the packing house and storage. Transport can be classified into two categories according to its purpose:

  1. Traditional, which is used on every farm and usually includes very small distances.
  2. Mechanized and advanced transport that includes longer distances and requires the use of certain means of transport, unlike traditional which is the manual method of transport.

Remember, properly managed transport is efficient in delivering farm resources and harvested crops at the earliest possible time with the safety of the product intact. Transport hugely contributes to the preservation of crop yield and quality. When choosing the optimal mode of transport, farmers should consider a few points, including

  1. The distance and accessibility of the destination
  2. Type of goods that are to be transported, since requirements vary according to the type of good
  3. The size of the number of goods that are to be transported, which will also determine the price of delivery
  4. National or international laws and regulations
  5. Financial possibilities of a farmer

Wood Transportation

  1. The most convenient and fast delivery method is wood transportation by road, with truck drivers working in shifts almost 24x7, so delivery is highly efficient. Some of the other benefits of road transport include the possibility of full loading, suitable temperature maintenance, the safety of products, and oversized and heavy load delivery.
  2. The train is used as a mode of transport mainly for long-distance deliveries. The advantages of rail transport are aplenty, ranging from fast project execution, high rolling stock load capacity, to the availability of suitably adapted wagons, platforms and containers, and the possibility of delivery at any time of the year no matter how the weather conditions are.
  3. Again, transportation by sea is a popular long-distance delivery mode. The containers and cisterns used in sea transport ensure the total safety of transported cargo.
  4. Last, but not the least wood transportation by air, which is fast and effective, but expensive. The biggest advantage of air transport is the likelihood of shipping from all international airports and the possibility of transporting oversized cargo via charter flights.

Our agriculture sector is passing through some difficult times in view of the ever-increasing input costs, the dearth of labor, soil degradation, and issues related to climate change. With the increase in land values and a decrease in income from agriculture due to the various unfavorable conditions, more and more farmers are selling away their lands and shifting into other fields. With higher risks associated with short term crops (it is less remunerative as well), it’s time now for farmers to cultivate medium to long term agroforestry crops like Melia Dubia, Sandalwood, which are not only cost-effective but guarantees higher profits as well.

Agroforestry is the best option and solution for the above-mentioned problem, due to it being one of the fastest increasing sectors providing excellent income. Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem) is highly suitable for agroforestry and farm forestry for generating higher income. Most importantly, you can do this crop along with other agricultural crops (intercropping) and livestock (mixed crop-livestock system in an integrated farming system) on the same land at the same time.

The demand for timber is extremely high in India, and Melia Dubia assures timber sale only after 7 years only with a minimum 1-meter girth size, producing 750 kg to one ton per tree after 7-8 years in irrigated lands. One tree produces about 20 CFT of wood. The huge demand for Melia Dubia wood can be attributed to the govt imposed ban on the drawing of timber from Indian forests, with almost all naturally grown trees exhausted for the use of firewood, plywood, timber, etc. Due to this reason, presently most of the furniture is being imported due to lack of quality timber in the market, most of the timber for construction is being imported. Being the fastest growing tree in the world, Melia Dubia will give ample timber on its harvest. It is a fact that almost the entire plywood industry is importing timber for their raw material timber needs.

The main characteristics of Melia Dubia include

  1. It is a softwood,
  2. Melia Dubia Wood is termite-proof,
  3. Melia Dubia wood is water-resistant,
  4. Melia Dubia characteristics are 80 percent equivalent to teak wood in terms of texture,
  5. Melia Dubia grows quickly and can be sold in just 3-5 years (for paper and pulp industry), it can be harvested in 5-7 years if it’s being used for plywood.

Intercropping and Mixed Cropping in Melia Dubia Farming

Near about every kind of fruit and vegetable can be grown as an intercrop in Melia Dubia plantation, starting from ash gourd, brinjal (eggplant), drumstick, ginger, papaya, turmeric, to mango, coconut, sugarcane, red gram, pomegranate, marigold. It’s also advised that you maintain livestock, such as poultry, sheep, cow, goat, pig, rabbit, etc. as livestock-based integrated farming systems can be instrumental in improving the livelihood of small and marginal farmers.

Malabar Neem Wood Uses

You can use the trees for timber after 10-12 years. Early harvesting is done based on the requirements of the farmers and wood industries.

  1. Agricultural tools can be made with the help of Melia Dubia wood properties. Four-year-old trees can be used for that.
  2. Melia Dubia wood trees can be used for afforestation purposes.
  3. Boats can be made with the help of Melia Dubia wood properties, ten-year-old trees can be used.
  4. Cigar boxes can be made.
  5. 4 or 6-year-old trees can be used for the manufacturing of ceiling planks.
  6. Melia Dubia wood veneers from this timber are strong and firm.
  7. Melia Dubia wood is suitable in the pulpwood and paper industry.
  8. 4-5-year-old trees can be used in packing cases. There’s a huge market for the product in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  9. Melia Dubia Wood trees are also planted as ornamental.
  10. The wood is suitable for making musical instruments.
  11. Lightweight furniture can be made with 8-10-year-old trees, with high market demand across the country.
  12. Wood can also be used for the preparation of silkworm stands, for the preparation of silk reeling equipment.
  13. Matured leaves are harvested during summer months (March to June) as a feed for cattle.

As you can see, Melia Dubia wood uses are endless with huge market demand for each of the products and a dearth of supply at the same time. The benefits of Melia Dubia plantation are second to none. For a detailed insight into the plantation of this crop, look no further than SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD. Leave Melia Dubia wood transportation to us.

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