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Melia Dubia Plantations: Transforming India's Timber Landscape

Discover the potential of Melia Dubia as a sustainable solution for India's timber needs:

Melia Dubia: The Timber Game-Changer

  • Melia Dubia, an indigenous fast-growing species, holds the key to India's timber needs:
  • Impressive Growth: Grows rapidly with a 1.2-1.5m girth and 20m height.
  • Industrial Marvel: Ideal for high-quality plywood production.
  • Resource Savior: Addresses the scarcity of domestic timber resources.
  • Environmental Ally: Contributes to rapid forest cover increase, a national priority for biodiversity conservation.

"Melia Dubia: Powering India's Timber Industry and Forest Conservation."

Key Features of Melia Dubia

Unlock the potential of Melia Dubia with these remarkable features:
  • Optimal Life Cycle: Perfect for veneer and plywood with a 10-15 year life cycle.
  • Versatile Growth: Thrives in regions with 25" to 35" annual rainfall.
  • Irigation Compatibility: Flourishes even in low rainfall areas with irrigation.
  • Steady Growth: Records an average annual growth of 1 cubic foot per tree.
  • Uniform Excellence: Boasts uniform growth, minimal branching, and clear, straight boles.
  • Timber Density: Ranges from 0.375 to 0.45.
  • Natural Resilience: Resistant to insect attacks.
  • Efficient Utilization: Easy-to-peel timber with rapid drying capabilities.
  • Plywood Quality: Yields high-quality, lightweight plywood comparable to Okume Plywood.
  • Decorative Veneers: Older and larger logs are used for decorative veneers.

Plantation Strategies: Maximizing Returns

Intensive Planting
High Density
: Plant 440 trees per hectare at 12ft x 24ft spacing.
Lucrative Returns: Total return of Rs. 15,40,000 per hectare in 10-12 years.
Monthly Remuneration: Approx. Rs. 12,800, plus intercropping income potential.

Periphery Planting
Strategic Placement: Plant approx. 130 trees per hectare with 10ft spacing.
Smart Investment: Total return of Rs. 4,50,000 per hectare in 10-12 years.
Additional Monthly Income: Approx. Rs. 3,800, alongside cultivation income.

"Melia Dubia Plantation: A Lucrative Opportunity for Sustainable Farming and Timber Production."

Melia Dubia offers a promising solution to meet India's timber demands while contributing to afforestation and forest conservation efforts.

Harnessing India's Private Plantations: The Melia Dubia Opportunity

India faces a widening demand-supply gap for timber, and it's high time we explore the potential of sustainable private plantations, such as Melia Dubia, to bridge this gap effectively.

India's Timber Demand and the Growing Challenge

Over the last decade, India has emerged as a significant wood fiber import market due to a scarcity of domestic timber resources. The demand for timber continues to surge, particularly in construction, furniture, wood panels, and paper sectors:
  • Rising Demand for Furniture and Paper
  • Furniture demand is growing at an impressive 12 to 15 percent annually.
  • Paper consumption is steadily rising by about 8 percent each year.
  • Demand for wood-based panel products like plywood and fiberboard is at 8 million cubic meters, while production stands at 3.4 million cubic meters.

Recognizing the Wood Production Problem

India must address the challenges associated with wood production as it faces rising demands driven by population growth, infrastructural development, economic growth, and industrialization. It's crucial to boost the agroforestry sector, which offers excellent income opportunities.

Melia Dubia: A Lucrative Option for Agroforestry

Melia Dubia, also known as Malabar Neem, is an attractive choice for farmers and agroforestry enthusiasts. It holds immense promise due to its high demand in the wood industry and its potential for delivering substantial profits per acre.
  • In India, Melia Dubia assures timber sale after 7 years with a minimum 1-meter girth size, producing 750 kg to one ton per tree after 7-8 years in irrigated lands. A single tree yields approximately 20 CFT of wood.
The Demand for Melia Dubia Wood
  • The ban on drawing timber from Indian forests has led to a surge in demand for quality timber.
  • Most furniture and construction timber are being imported due to the shortage of quality timber in the market.
  • As the fastest-growing tree globally, Melia Dubia can provide abundant timber upon harvest, filling the gap in the plywood industry that heavily relies on timber imports.
Key Characteristics of Melia Dubia
  • It's a softwood.
  • Termite-proof.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Melia Dubia wood shares 80 percent of the texture characteristics of teak wood.
  • Rapid growth allows harvesting in 3-5 years (for paper and pulp) or 5-7 years for plywood.

Versatile Uses of Melia Dubia Wood

  • Melia Dubia wood finds application in various industries and purposes:
  • Timber harvesting after 10-12 years.
  • Agricultural tools from four-year-old trees.
  • Afforestation.
  • Boat construction using ten-year-old trees.
  • Cigar boxes.
  • Ceiling planks using 4 or 6-year-old trees.
  • Strong and firm veneers.
  • Suitable for the pulpwood and paper industry.
  • Packing cases with 4-5-year-old trees, particularly in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  • Ornamental plantings.
  • Making musical instruments.
  • Lightweight furniture production with 8-10-year-old trees.
  • Preparing silkworm stands and silk reeling equipment.
  • Cattle feed from matured leaves during summer months.

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD: Your Melia Dubia Partner

SANF GREENMENS PVT LTD is committed to offering the best Melia Dubia saplings and provides comprehensive support for clients interested in Melia Dubia plantation, from cultivation guidance to connecting clients with the right wood buyers.

 "Melia Dubia: Nurturing India's Timber Future, One Tree at a Time."

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